Monday, August 15, 2005

“Chicken Dance”
Aging semi-bald 40 something wanna-be rave-daddy “gets-off” by bashing modern-day good Samaritans.

It’s kind of sad how aging Americans like Jody Radzik, father of his brain-child blog ‘Guruphiliac’ stoop to new lows in order to get kicks by ruining other people’s faith. Obviously, a looser in his own right, he stoops to paparazzi levels of sleuthing for dirt. His blog is more like a spiritual tabloid that drags today’s saints into the ditch.

Sorry to say, but “Rave-Daddy smells” since his stories never check-out. He rants and raves about commercialism, Kali, and “divine milk” leaving readers clueless about what the heck he’s saying. Obviously, he has a bee in his bonnet. Perhaps his animosity towards today’s do-gooders stems from the fact that this ex-Vedantin never quite made it spiritually. Maybe his spiritual void has prompted him to seek cheap thrills venting about things he doesn’t really understand. He obviously has a chip on his shoulder and a big-ugly mouth that loves to blather on and on. But it get’s old fast. And while his blogs are entertaining, they aren’t really shaking up the Divine Realm.

I mean, on a shakti-scale, Jody is a negative 1,000,000! Maybe he has a stone for a heart, but even Ammabots like myself would quote our Mommy, “If there is honey in a stone, it cannot be expressed.” Meaning, there may be good in everyone, even Jody, but it’s trapped in his stone-like heart. So maybe in another Yuga, or after a few more births this devil’s advocated may wise up. But for now, Jody has found his spiritual calling on the dance floor snapping pics of hotties 1/3 his age listening to techno-trans music trying to fit in, though he sticks out like a sore-thumb. Sadly, his very good friend says:

“Jody is about the most loving and optimistic person I've ever known. That's why I was surprised that instead of touting a new spiritual or cultural phenomenon, Radzik had decided to bash one.”

Loving and optimistic? Maybe his brain has been liquidated by one of those nearby Aliens…I mean isn’t Roswell in New Mexico?

And an embarrassing endnote: read what came from the horse’s mouth:

“Fortunately, we have the shelter of the Great Saints and Sages to take refuge with. When we come to be blessed with sincere aspiration their grace will manifest in a myriad of ways, assuring us an appropriate course of action in our spiritual practice no matter what role we are playing in the world.”

Yup, he said it, even if he is now denying it and seriously bashing those ideas. Ooops. Read on:

Jody, get a life, looks like you've moved from Vedanta to the Macarena. Sadly, your chicken dance is better than your writing. Your blogs are about as real as your pathetic life. As you say yourself: "I'm just an asshole with an opinion." Holy cow! Finally some words of wisdom.

And your photos suck. He he he. That was low down, but hey, you started it.